August 02, 2014

Merry Christmas 2013

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the Shearers. This has been a very eventful year for all of us, full of transitions and wonderful memories made.

As a family we enjoyed what will hopefully be the first annual Halliday family reunion at Park City. We spent a week together in a beautiful home, biking, playing at the Lake, shopping and exploring the City. Earlier in the year our family made our annual trip to Disneyland, our favorite place on Earth.

Joey turned 16 this year. He participated in the Spanish Fork 24th of July Parade as one of nearly 2000 young men dressed up portraying the Stripling Warriors from the Book of Mormon. He also was selected to do several video and photo-shoots for the Church including a training video regarding online Seminary, a photo shoot for the cover of the February 2014 New Era and a video introducing the 2014 LDS Youth Theme. Joey continued his work on the piano, studying for 3 months with William Joseph, culminating in a wonderful new composition. We often hear Joey playing very difficult songs that wow us all. Joey also continued his love for the theater, playing a Pirate in the High School's production of Peter Pan. Joey made a hilarious video these year in response to being asked to Sadie's by one of his friends. The link is here. Joey loves to make people laugh and is quick to help others in need.

Maddy turned 18 this year. She participated in the Southern Utah Chapter of NATS singing competition, making the finals in both the Belt Division (2nd Place) and the Mix / Legit Division (2nd Place). Her voice continues to amaze us all. She was named the SHHS Sterling Scholar for Vocal Performance, a wonderful honor and she recently applied as a Vocal Performance Major at several universities. We're excited to see what opportunities may come her way. Click here to see her performing three of her classical songs. On the acting front, Maddy continued to share her gifts there, playing Wendy Darling in Peter Pan and she'll be playing Elizabeth Bennett in the upcoming production of Pride and Prejudice. Maddy also participated in the video for the 2014 LDS Youth Theme. Click here to see that video. Maddy loves to root for the underdog and is genuinely happy for the success of others.

Both Maddy and Joey participated in the annual Utah Shakespearean Festival joining 2800 students from over 100 schools and 7 surrounding States. Joey performed in the group scene and Maddy performed a duo scene from "Much Ado About Nothing," placing 3rd in her division out of of nearly 100 entries. Both Maddy and Joey also received straight superiors at the 4A State Drama competition. Maddy did a comedic monologue from "The Importance of Being Earnest" and Joey did a contemporary scene from "The Odd Couple" with his friend Connor.

Jeni celebrated her 41st birthday this year. Every day we have with her is such a blessing. She continues to be the foundation of our home, keeping us focused on the things that really matter. There's nothing like hearing her laugh or being with her on a good day. She continues to have health challenges that prevent her from doing all the things she desires to do, but she handles her trials with grace and patience. We all learn so much from her.

Ro turned 42 this year and continues to work on his culinary skills this year, teaching a few classes for the Nebo School District as well as several for neighbors and friends. Ro still works on his food photography too for his cooking blog. Ro is excited for the upcoming release of a CD of some of his hymn arrangements for piano sometime early in 2014. Watch for it on iTunes! On the work front, after nearly 15 years with Wendy's, Ro has moved on and is now the VP of HR for Sbarro Restaurants. It's an exciting opportunity and he's grateful to still be in the restaurant industry which he loves. As a result of the job change, the family will likely be relocating outside of Utah later this year.

Koda continues to be our favorite friend. He's been with us now for just over three years. We are so grateful for his companionship.

Following our annual tradition, please enjoy this beautiful video of "The Nativity" released as one of the Bible Videos for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We hope you have a joyful Holiday Season and  a Happy New Year. May the Lord's choicest blessings be yours, this Season and always.

Rohan, Jenifer, Madelyn, Joseph and Koda Shearer