August 16, 2014

Maddy - Sterling Scholar

Maddy was honored this year as the Vocal Performance Sterling Scholar for SHHS. She went on to the Region level and advanced there as well, making it into the top 15 in the State. Though she didn't place in the top 3, we were extremely proud of her accomplishment which took into account not just her vocal talents but her GPA, ACT score, extracurriculur activity and Community Service. Making it an even more rewarding experience, Maddy's good friends McKenna and Ben were also selected from their school and made it to State. The highlight for me was on the night of the State awards to see Maddy's face (captured below) when the winner was chosen. She just has a genuine appreciation for other people's talents and an interest in their success. I love that about her and she very much takes after Jeni in that regard.