June 30, 2013

William Joseph

William Joseph is an amazing pianist who has several CD's out on the market. He is a prodigee of David Foster and has played all over the world. You can see some of his music at william-joseph.com. I am a fan of his on Facebook and so last week, I was excited to see this post.

"Guess what? I JUST had this Thursday and Friday open up while I am here in Provo, so I would like to offer some private classes. I have had a lot of you request this so here it is! The class will be available to all musicians and/or vocalists. You can choose what you would like the focus to be on. Arranging, composing, accompanying, what ever you would like to work on. If this is something you are interested please message me on facebook and I will give you the details. Let me know what you would like to do and give me your phone number and a direct email."

I immediately messaged him about doing a two hour lesson for Joey and later got an e-mail from his assistant asking what our availability looked like. We worked it out and then on Thursday it happened. It was an incredible experience for Joey, for me and for Maddy who tagged along. Joey really connected with what he taught and at the end William suggested that he might have an opening for ongoing lessons through Skype since he lives in Arizona.  Below are some pictures from the day.