November 15, 2012

Pinewood Derby - Open Division

A few weeks ago, our local Church congregation gathered together for a Fall Carnival that include a chili, bread and jello cook-off. I made a Cinnamon Rose Bread and all the food tasted wonderful. The highlight of the night was an open division pinewood derby which Joey decided at the very last minute to enter. There were no rules other than no incendiary devises. Joey took a derby car he had made years ago in Cubs and added to it the engine and propeller from his RC Airplane. Unfortunately, to make it under the timer at the end of the track, we had to chop off about half of the prop blades. Despite that, Joey still won the Open Division.

Below are picture from the night as well as a video of the final race. You can see another vehicle had an RC motor on the top and it was ahead but at the last minute it crossed in front of Joey's car and took out the third entry, leaving Joey for the win.