October 14, 2012

2012 Helping Hands

This weekend I participated in Wendy's 3rd Annual Helping Hands clothing drive for the homeless in Salt Lake City. For the last month, our Wendy's restaurants had been collecting donations from customers and on Friday, Maddy and several others spent a few hours sorting through the clothing. Then on Saturday, Joey and I joined a group of others at Pioneer Park downtown to distribute everything.

The highlight of the experience this year for both me and Joey was helping a mother with her 6 stepchildren, all ages 6 or under, to navigate through the clothing and then to walk to the Wendy's across the street to buy them lunch, then walk them back to their family shelter. This family was in bad shape. They hadn't showered in some time, their clothing was tattered and torn, the stroller's wheel kept falling off and several of them wanted to be held non-stop. All of this being the case, Joey and I immediately fell in love with them and wanted to do everything we could to help. The 6 year old girl, Ciara, told Joey she had dreamed about him that week and her sister told her that Joey looked like her husband. At the end of the day as we dropped them off at their shelter Ciara told me that Joey was her new best friend. It was a very touching experience, one that will not soon be forgotten and we pray for those children that they'll be taken care of. The picture above is of Joey with those children. Ciara is immediately to his left.

The pictures below are from the day, including Joey and me with Misti Scow who helped me organize the whole day. For pictures and details from the 2011 drive, click here. For 2010, click here.