March 08, 2012

NATS 2012

Last week Maddy entered the NATS (National Association of Teachers of Singers) competition for the Southern Utah Chapter. It was held at BYU and it was the first real competition like this that Maddy had entered. She entered the 15-16 year old High School division in the Mix/Legit and Belt categories and in the first round sang 2 songs in each category. Out of 12 students in the first group and 18 in the second, Maddy made it into the final 3 in each. She sang wonderfully but was really nervous heading into the finals the following day. The finals were held at the Madsen Recital Hall on campus and Maddy came in 3rd in Belt (In His Eyes from Jekyll and Hyde) and 1st in Mix/Legit (The Light in the Piazza from the Broadway musical of the same).Here's a link to her singing that song from a year ago. Below are some pictures from the awards ceremony and then the last picture is Maddy with her vocal instructor, Jeanice Woodbrey.

As excited as we were for Maddy's awards, we were most excited about how well she treated the other competitors in her group. When she first came out to sing, she gave a big thumbs up to the girl before her. Then, when she came in 3rd place, she was so gracious to the winner. See the third picture below and you can see her genuine excitement for the girl that had just come in 1st. That picture is priceless to me and I'm so grateful for her example to be happy for the success of others, even if it comes at your own expense. No, especially if it comes at your own expense.