March 17, 2012

Cooking Classes

I'm excited to announce I will be hosting a monthly cooking class in my home starting next month! Each class will last two hours and will focus on one main theme. Cost is $25. 8-10 people per class. We'll make everything from scratch and enjoy it together when we're done. You'll also leave with step by step instructions. To sign up send me an e-mail, message or text. Bon Appetite! Classes below...

04/21/12, 10am
Risotto Basics
Tomato and Asparagus Risotto
Spinach and Goat Cheese Risotto

05/05/12, 10am
Classy Appetizers - Part 1
Brie En Croute
Torched Pears with Mascarpone and Proscuitto

06/09/12, 10am
Gourmet Burger and Fries
Basil Pesto Havarti Burgers
Parmesan Baked Fries

07/07/12, 10am
All About Chocolate
Chocolate Truffle Torte with Raspberry Coulis
Chocolate Semifreddo with Lemon Caramel

08/04/12, 10am
Fresh Pasta
Spaghetti with Marinara
Mushroom Tagliatelle

09/01/12, 3pm
Chicken Marinades
Buttermilk Chicken with Pesto
Caramelized Apple Stuffed Chicken with Fontina and Cranberries

10/13/12, 10am
Classy Appetizers - Part 2
Cheese Truffles
Asiago Cheese Crisps with Boursin and Raspberry