December 11, 2011

Maddy - Sweet Sixteen

A few weeks ago Maddy turned 16! During the week she spent a fun day at the spa with Jen and her Grandma Kaye and then we hosted a party here at the house for some of her friends. It is so strange to have a 16 year old now with the driving and dating but Maddy has made the transition an easy one. We're very fortunate as parents to have such great kids who love life and love the Lord.

Below are pictures from the week including several from the party. For my birthday Maddy gave me a recipe book for gourmet cake bites so I tried a few for her birthday party and they were yummy! I also made her favorite Queso dip from Chili's and her favorite dessert, Chocolate Torte. Her friend McKenna who is an amazing artist decorated the top of the cake with a "16" made out of some modeling chocolate I had in the fridge. Also, her friend Madisen helped her make the amazing decorations pictured out of tissue paper.