November 01, 2011

Halloween 2011

We had a fun Halloween this year with several parties including a big get-together at Bob and Carin's in which Maddy and Joey helped as actors in the Haunted House. We also hosted a little gathering on Halloween night after we had over 200 kids come to the house for candy. Pictures below are of, in order:

1. Joey as a Cowboy
2. Maddy as a Gypsy
3. Hallie Heugly
4. Brynn Heugly
5. Kara and Chantel Ficklin
6. Kara and Todd Callan
7. Chantel Ficklin and Friends
8. Kaylor and Desi Ficklin
9. Maddy getting her hair worked on for the Haunted House
10. Finger Pretzels (annual Halloween tradition)
11. Butterscotch Cream in Chocolate Cups