July 22, 2011

Girl's Camp 2011

Maddy joined our ward's Girl's Camp as they headed to Heber Valley Camp this week for 4 nights. This was Maddy's 4th year going so she also joined the 4th year hike. Our ward has a great Young Women's program with around 40 girls, the majority of who came to the camp. As a bishopric we went up with our wives last night and cooked them all dinner. I made basil pesto havarti burgers on a French roll with basil balsamic lemon mayo, tomatoes and lettuce from my garden. Hugh Black made corn on the cob with a delicious salad and David Ahrens, our bishop, brought some amazing chocolate and peanut butter fudge.

It is such a blessing to live in a ward where the Youth Leaders are such amazing people. I was so glad Jeni was able to be there too and she bore a wonderful testimony at the campfire that evening. It reminded me so much of when she was a missionary in Virginia - just full of love and faith in everything she talked about. Maddy was also asked as the MiaMaid president to share her testimony and thoughts and did a wonderful job as usual. I love her simple, sweet testimony and her enthusiasm for the gospel. She also taught a class about "Protecting the Environment" as part of their round of classes.

For fun, I've included pictures from the Girl's camps in 2010, 2009 and 2008. It's amazing to me to see not only how the girl's have grown but also how the ward has grown!