June 19, 2011

To Beard or Not to Beard

At the beginning of the year I auditioned for a part in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint's New Testament Video Project, a production of a new collection of videos portraying stories from The New Testament. To read more about the project and see a sample of the type of video that is going to be produced, click here.

This last week I was notified that I had made the first cut as an "Extra" out of over 11,000 that auditioned. As exciting as that news was, it came with the realization that in order to be considered futher I would have to grow a full beard. Now that might seem like fun to a lot of you but I have never had more than a week's growth before and it was too itchy for my liking. Plus, I would need to get a special religious accomodation from work as well as permission from my bishop and Stake President because of my calling in our ward bishopric.

Well, everything worked itself out in the last week. I decided to do it, was granted permission from both work and our local Church leaders and I am now in full beard growing mode. The picture above is about 4 days in. The shooting will take place in August so if I make it that far I will be working on this beard for about 3 months! I'll continue to post pictures as it progresses.