February 09, 2011

Step by Step Gourmet

I have finally done it. After over a year of prodding, I have started my own recipe website.


I think my family urged me to do this in order to stop hogging up all the space on shearermania, our family website. Regardless of the reason, I'm excited about the possibilities of the new site, the first post on which went up today. It will definitely be a work in progress but I encourage any of you following this blog for the recipes only to move on over to the new site. There may be some recipe repetition as I start moving recipes to the new site, so please bear with me. If anything, it may remind you of some good recipes that have been buried here. Hope to see you there!

PS - The picture above is going to be among the first recipes I post on the new site. I'm planning on making it for Jeni for valentines. It's a Spiced Chocolate Cake from Bon Appetit and I saw it on the blog of the son of one of my old friends. Looks delicious!