January 05, 2011

Unanswered, Not Unheard

Last Saturday Maddy informed me that the shower in our master bedroom wasn't working. I knew that it had been very cold and wondered if our pipes had frozen. As I investigated, the water in the shower did turn on but only trickled out even though all the other faucets in the bathroom were working fine. I was convinced the pipes were frozen and left the water running thinking that it would unfreeze over a short period of time and all would be well.

Hours later and the water still trickling, I started to get worried that maybe the pipes really were frozen. I left the water running in the shower as we went to bed, thinking that it would all be better by the morning. In fact, I prayed several times for a miracle that somehow in the morning we'd turn the shower on and it would be like nothing had gone wrong. I had faith it would happen that way and actually went to bed quite calm about the whole thing.

The next morning I was surprised that there was no change so I headed off to Church, prayerful but starting to worry that not only was the pipe frozen but maybe it had burst and that water had been running into the walls throughout the house. My fears were confirmed when I got home and went into the garage and saw a patch of water in the ceiling and a small trickle of water coming out the bottom of the drywall by the foundation.

I immediately did the only think I knew to do. I raced to my neighbor Randy Bunker's house for help. Randy has been a huge blessing for our family, fixing things I didn't have any clue how to do. Thankfully he was home and came over. Together we determined that the leak in the garage actually had nothing to do at all with the shower and it wasn't even in the same place. He created a hole in the ceiling, climbed into it and figured out that the leak there was actually coming from the roof. We've had incredibly cold temperatures here in Utah and a series of days with massive snowfall. Together that created ice on our roof (see picture above) that had found a way into the garage and down the drywall. Thankfully he was able to cut some sheetrock out at the bottom to allow the water to come out and to vent the area so no mold would form (see picture below). Once the ice is off the roof he'll be able to fix the area that needs extra protection. The shower issue ended up being a shower cartridge (didn't know such a thing existed) that had gone bad that was easy for him to replace.

Through this experience, I was reminded again (as I too often stubbornly forget) that Heavenly Father cares enough about each of our lives to help us with what must be to Him the most mundane issues like a shower that doesn't work or a leaky roof. Because He knew these things were important to me, that made them important to Him.

In addition, if Heavenly Father had answered that first petition and just fixed the shower, I never would have looked for a leak elsewhere in the house and would not have seen the larger issue of the leak in the roof. Because my prayer went unanswered, a bigger problem was brought to light before it caused serious damage.

Though my prayer went unanswered, it did not mean that it wasn't heard!