January 27, 2011

Hidden Treasure

While working in Salt Lake City today, I happened upon this wonderful store, the London Market. As you probably know by now I grew up eating all sorts of delicious British chocolates and candies, things you can't find at normal stores in the US; delicacies like Flake, Aero, Crunchie, Violet Crumble, Turkish Delight, Smarties, Maltesers, Crispies, Curly Wurly, Starbar, Twirl and the list goes on. This store had them all as well as ones I had never even heard of! Believe you me when I say that my secret chocolate stash just increased in size today. Ok, doubled. Ok, tripled. Ok, it now fills the whole drawer. How could it not when you're faced with a view like the picture below from inside the store? And to top it all off, the lady at the register was from Rhodesia, SA so she had an almost identical accent as my parents. I'm seriously considering adding the London Market as a monthly recurring invoice in our budget - "Sorry hon, I've got to run to London Market to pay our bill. See you .... in a few hours!"