December 23, 2010

We Believe in Santa

The text below comes from a talk entitled "The Man Who Would Be Santa" by James E. Faust from the 1998 First Presidency Christmas Devotional. This sums up how Jeni and I and our kids feel about Santa.

"No one can measure the effect of an unselfish act of kindness. By small, simple things great things do indeed come to pass. Of course gifts given and gifts received make Christmas special. For many children Christmas Eve is a very long night as they look forward with eager anticipation to the gifts Santa brings, which is why children love Santa Claus. Let me share what someone once said about Santa Claus: First of all, he's a joyous individual. People are attracted to joyous individuals as filings are attracted to a magnet. Next, Santa Claus is interested in making others happy. He increases the happy moments in the life of everyone he meets. He loves his work; he gets fun out of his job. He is childlike, simple, humble, sincere,and forgiving. Finally, he is a giver. His philosophy is to give himself away inservice. He is a friend to everyone. He smiles.Perhaps you and I could attain greater happiness if we emulated Santa Claus a little more, for his way is the way of theInfant Jesus also. We can all reach out like Santa Claus and spread happiness to those around us.

For the full text, click here.