October 20, 2010

Future Parents

Several weeks ago we visited the home of our friends, the Binks, who recently had the cutest little twins. Maddy and Joey were given the chance to hold them and made the most of it. I love the picture above. It reminded me of this quote by Robert Brault - "A parent's love is whole no matter how many times divided."

October 15, 2010

Casting Call

When a friend in our ward, Becky Swasey, encouraged me to apply for a role in an upcoming New Testament video project for the Church, I was hesitant, especially given that all the acting talent in the family belongs to Jeni and the kids. If this had been a Church version of Chopped or Top Chef, I might have been more willing. But, Becky, who is one of the wardrobe designers for the Church Audio Visual Department, persisted and I finally gave in, confident that there was no way I would be cast for anything. To my surprise several weeks ago I got an e-mail inviting me down to the LDS Motion Picture Studio to take part in a Public Service Announcement the Church was doing for that New Testament project.

Above is a screenshot from the Church website explaining the project. You can also click here for a link to this page which contains the PSA video itself.

There are two videos on this page. If you click on the first, you'll see yours truly for a few seconds at the beginning. As I watch this now I am completely embarrassed. Is that really what I look like? Where did the double chin come from? Didn't I shave that day? Do I always slouch like that? And can I really call that a smile? Oh, the horror of this all. Where was the photoshop editor? So much for the miracles of modern technology! I hope nobody leaves the Church over this.

October 07, 2010

Life Scout

Last month Joey was awarded his Boy Scout Life Rank award as well as his "On My Honor" award, the LDS religious Boy Scout award. He had already finished the requirements for his Life Rank and just had to wait for the 6 months to pass since he earned his Star. Now, he has one merit badge left, swimming, until he earns his Eagle Rank, having already completed his service project several months ago. Joey is such a self-starter and when he gets his mind fixed on a goal, watch out. We're very proud of his accomplishments but more than that, proud of who he is and who he is becoming. Below are some pictures from the night, including a few of Joey handing out some awards as a Patrol Leader.