September 04, 2010

Fish Lake

The Halliday family had a reunion this last week at Fish Lake in Southeast Utah.

Everyone was there except for Trent and Whitnie's family and we missed them. Mike and Kaye had rented a wonderful cabin where most of us stayed, played, slept and ate.

Fun memories from the 3 day vacation include:

1. Campfire with Steve, Scott and Mike playing the guitar and eating s'mores.

2. Trying to figure out a a nearly impossible frog card game with over 45 million variations, only one of which is the right one. We came very close as you can see but couldn't quite solve it.

3. Taking a nature hike, including creating a beautiful nature bouquet (more to come on that later)

4. Fishing on the lake and watching Joey catch a beautiful trout only to see it get away right at the last possible moment

5. Playing Mafia and Psychiatrist late into the night
6. Playing horshoes and frisbee outside the cabin