August 30, 2010


You may have read about our escapades with Baxter, the supposed pure-bred Shih-Tzu we ended up selling a few months ago. His departure left an unanticipated hole in our family, one we just filled this last week with another Shih-Tzu, much more likely a pure-bred, Koda. His mom is about 9 lbs and the dad is about 13 so we're anticipating Koda to be in the 12-15 range. He was a gift from a very kind family, a friend of Maddy's from school, and we have loved him like crazy since last week. He is 9 weeks old and is showing very different behaviors than Baxter did, in that Koda is much more snuggly and wants to be around you all the time - just what we were looking for. I'm sure I'll post more to come as he grows but here are some pictures for now.