August 19, 2010

Eagle Project - Back to School Kits

Joey completed his Boy Scout Eagle Leadership Project this week, having spent the last two months on it. Joey worked with the ward Relief Society, Young Womens group and Boy Scout troop to create 30 custom schoolbags and fill each of them with 15 specific school-related items to benefit the Community Action Services and Food Bank in Provo. He received over $200 in donations as well as supplies and ended up donating 107 pounds of school material. Total hours spent on the project for him and a total of 41 volunteers were 117. Joey found this project himself and oversaw all of the work including the creation of the flyer used to communicate the project to our ward.

Below are some pictures from the various phases of his project as well as his flyer. Now all that's left for Joey to earn his Eagle is to complete 4 more merit badges and wait his 6 months from the time he earned his life. If all goes well, he hopes to earn his Eagle on December 26, about 4 months after his 13th birthday. Great job Joey!