July 11, 2010

Fast Food Blitz

It's no secret by now that I love gourmet food. What may not be known is that I also love a good fast food meal from time to time. Maybe it has something to do with my working for Wendy's for the last 11 years. Last night we took our love for fast food to the extreme with our first ever Fast Food Blitz. This idea originated with Jeni's parents but we changed the rules up a bit. Here they are:

1. Each person picks a different fast food restaurant
2. Each person orders one item off the value menu at each location, except
3. At one location, you can order any item on the menu
4. Everyone can get a drink from one of the locations as a freebie

Last night Maddy chose Wendy's, Joey chose McDonalds, Jen chose KFC and I was left with Burger King. Jen's meal was very healthy as she got a Chicken Pot Pie, a side salad and a small frosty while mine was anything but. I got a Double QPC, a honey barbeque snacker, chicken nuggets and fries. Those didn't mix so well together. A memory for sure (the experience, not the meal)!