July 06, 2010

2010 Fourth of July Celebration

Independence Day is one of Jeni's favorite holidays as she is as patriotic as they come. When we got married in 1994 I was still a South African Citizen and Jeni made it clear that if I wanted to live in this country and partake of all it had to offer then I needed to become a citizen. She was very persuasive and something about the "if you want to stay married to me" part finally pushed me over the edge. Kidding aside, I was grateful back then that Jeni felt the way she did and I continue to be grateful today. I do love this country and the freedoms we are afforded. I'm grateful for those who have given their lives to defend it from influences that would threaten those privileges.

To celebrate this year, we had a neighborhood fireworks party and then had a large barbeque with family and friends, almost 50 in all. I made what has now become our annual Fourth of July tradition, Pesto Havarti burgers. Yum! Below are pictures from both events.