June 27, 2010

2010 Boy Scout Camp

I joined Joey and his boy scout troop this week for a trip to Zion National Park. I had never been there before and was amazed at the beautiful scenery. In the 3 nights and 4 days we spent there, the 10 adults and 18 boys aged 10-13 spent time...

1. Learning how to tie rope

2. Building a catapault with wood and rope as part of their Pioneering merit badge,

3. Log throwing

4. Cooking meals

5. Cliff jumping into water from about 10 feet
6. Hiking the "Narrows," a 7 mile roundtrip hike through a river the whole way

6. Swimming and Canoeing

7. Playing tetherball

On Friday night we held a bishopric devotional and Bishop Ahrens and I talked about David and Goliath. During the Narrows hike we had collected "smooth stones" (1 Samuel 17:40), one for each of the boys and adults and I wrote their names on each with a "Zion 2010" on the back as a memento of the trip. I talked about overcoming the Goliaths in our lives and Bishop talked about what it meant to be a smooth stone for the Lord. Then as we handed out the stones, they shared what that meant to them. It was a great experience.

While we were there, Joey also had his Board of Review to receive his Life rank. He's now just a project and 6 merit badges away from his Eagle which he hopes to get by the end of this year. Below are some additional pictures from the trip.

June 20, 2010

2010 Youth Conference

Maddy and I returned home yesterday from a wonderful two day Ward Youth Conference at the Church owned Heber Valley Camp in Heber, Utah. We had about 25 youth there (ages 14-17) and we had a great time including an opening fireside by President Dixon from the Stake, giving service at a youth center in Orem, playing volleyball, doing a ropes course, canoeing and classes taught by the youth. We also had a great testimony meeting by campfire which began with a talk from a great speaker - Richard Davis, the father of Kiplyn Davis. I am continually amazed at the strength of these young men and women and at the dedication and commitment from their leaders. Below are some pictures from the conference.