May 20, 2010

Paver Stairs

When we bought our house several years ago, our builder constructed a small wooden set of stairs going out our backdoor. Within the first year the nail-gun nails it had been built with started coming out and the stairs started getting very wobbly. I tried to brace it the following year using screws but that only lasted a short amount of time (no surprise there given my complete lack of experience with tools).

This year, along with our landscaping, Jeni had the idea to start over with the stairs and use pavers. Enter again Duvall Landscaping. They tore down the stairs and built a wonderful paver staircase. Not only am I thrilled with how it turned out but I am amazed at Jeni's talent for combining beauty with functionality, even outside. I would never have thought to do what she envisioned but I think it turned out great! Here are some pictures of the step by step process.