May 01, 2010


Jeni and I have the world's worst black thumbs. No matter how we have tried to keep any kind of plant material alive over the last 15+ years, we have failed miserably. We were faced with quite the dilemna, wanting to finish our landscaping yet having no idea where to start or how. Enter Liz Binks, a friend from our ward, and Jeff Duvall, a former neighbor, with Duvall Landscaping. Last year Liz was kind enough to take a map I'd made of our yard and design a full landscape including shade, sun and fragrant perennials, herbs, shrubs, trees, hostas, groundcover and an area for a vegetable garden. We started on her plans last summer but to our dismay nearly everything we planted was dead as the snow melted about a month ago. Realizing our complete inadequacy in this department, we hired Jeff to finish Liz's plans. He came this week and we couldn't be happier with his company's work. Below is a picture of Liz's plan as well as before and after pictures. Most of the items planted are small but we're hoping they'll grow considerably this summer. Thanks Liz and Jeff for all of your help!