April 08, 2010

Natural Disaster Simulator

A few weeks ago at the mall, Joey spied a machine called "The Hurricane" that simulated hurricane type winds. After serious persuasion on his part, I agreed to give it a try with him. As we stepped in and shut the door, wind started blowing on us from above. According to the gauge, it got as high as 79 mph and it felt like it. Both of our clothes ballooned and it was a little hard to breathe. Thankfully the winds only lasted about 20 seconds or so. Having gone to Slidell, LA to give aid during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and seeing the unbelievable destruction all around, I'll try to keep my hurricane experiences to this small booth, thank you very much.

This experience got me thinking about what this company would come up with next in their series of natural disaster booths. Try as I might, I just couldn't think of any that would be too appealing. That being the case, here's my list of Top 10 worst "Natural Disaster Mall Simulators." Imagine yourself getting into these booths. You might not get out!

1. Hailstorm
2. Lightning
3. Tsunami
4. Avalanche
5. Fire / Solar Burst
6. Mudslide
7. Tornado (complete with flying debris)
8. Flood
9. Earthquake
10. Volcanic Eruption

I don't think anyone is racing to the patent office to get started on these.