March 17, 2010

Like Father, Like Father, Like Father, Like Son

Saturdays were usually errand days at my house growing up. My dad would make a weekly trip to downtown Bellevue to visit the post office and other various places. Fascinating to me was the way he planned out his day. On a small piece of paper, he would list where he needed to go as well as what time he planned to arrive at each location. The times listed were always to the minute, for example: Post Office 11:17, Grocery Store 11:24. My Dad found it a challenge to see how close he could get to his anticipated times and if I remember correctly, he was usually pretty close.

Needless to say, I grew up following much of his example of time management. Though I've never planned to the exact minute, I have made it a habit to plan and organize my time as efficiently as possible over the years. At times (ok, almost always) it drives people crazy, mainly Jeni and Maddy, but its become a big part of who I am. As a child, I organized all the books in my room and placed categories above them on the wall. On my mission, I used the blue planner in very detailed ways (see below - names / phone numbers removed). Today in my career I like to keep things extremely organized. And the same goes for my cooking. OCD? I prefer to call it OC. There is nothing disorderly about it.

Sometimes I feel like my desire to plan is a curse because it prevents me from being as spontaneous as I should be so I've had to temper my need for structure with a healthy dose of living life in the moment. Still a work in progress for sure as most that know me well would attest.

Last Saturday I told Joey verbally what his chores would be for the day and he had a few other things he was already working on. I later found the pad of paper pictured above on his bed and I didn't know whether to laugh or to cry - he is 12! What have I done to my son! Or is this hereditary? It's my understanding that my dad's dad was very much the same way; a planner and an organizer, very structured. He was an engineer in his career, just like my dad was at the beginning of his career. So, I'm convinced that this need for structure must somehow be in the genes through the male line. I'm sure if Joey has a son that he'll be the same way, and his son, and his son, and his son....