March 21, 2010

Chiang Chinese

A few weeks ago some friends, Matt and Rachelle Chiang, treated us to a homemade chinese dinner from scratch. Matt came to the US in his teens and so his dinner was as authentic as you can get, and wow did it taste like it. I love chinese dumplings and it was fun to have Rachelle teach me how to fold them perfectly. All in all, it was definitely one of the best homecooked meals we've ever had and we were so thankful the Chiangs were willing to give us such a treat in our home. The food included dumplings, egg rolls, black bean chicken, chinese noodles and caramelized sweet potatoes for dessert. Matt even gave us a taste test with three different kinds of soy sauce - what a difference the higher quality ones make. Sorry Kikoman. See you... never. Below are some pictures of the amazing food and the above picture is of Matt. Glad to find another guy that loves being in the kitchen just as much as I do!