January 18, 2010

Orchestra Concert

We attended Joey's Jr. High Orchestra concert a few weeks ago and were amazed at how well he could play the violin. He's never had any private lessons and has only been in the school orchestra for 4 months. I can't decide which I enjoyed watching more on the video below; Joey's fingers picking out the notes without him looking, or his face showing his enthusiasm for playing and putting on a show.

January 16, 2010


I love this message about Prayer. "Miracles are wrought through prayer."

January 12, 2010

Rubik's Cube Master

Joey has a mathematical / mechanical brain, no question about it. This was evidenced again by his learning how to solve the Rubik's Cube in one day and then getting his time down under 2 minutes. The video below clocks him at 1:57 but his fastest time to date is a lightning fast 1:32.

Yes, this is the same Rubik's Cube that made it's appearance to the world in the early 1980's. In fact, it's the same one I was easily able to solve myself those many years ago. All it took me was a small knife and a deft prying motion to rip the pieces out and put them where they were supposed to go. Joey's method is clearly the better way.

January 08, 2010

Infinite Power of Hope

What a great message to start out the year. I love it's simplicity and reminder that "hope teaches that no matter how bleak the chapter of our lives may look today, because of the life and sacrifice of Jesus Christ, we may hope and be assured that the ending of the Book of our lives will exceed our grandest expectations."