December 03, 2009

Winter Voice Recital

Maddy has been receiving vocal training this year from Jeanice Woodbrey, a good friend of ours. It has been amazing for Jeni and I to watch and hear how Maddy's voice has developed under her direction. I have to say that it is such a humbling experience as a parent to watch your child grow up and do things that you can't even come close to doing yourself, whether its Maddy singing or Joey playing the piano or violin. It is such a treat and so rewarding.

Yesterday Jeanice put on a winter recital for all her students and Maddy sang two solos, a duet and two songs with the other girls. Below are videos of all the performances.

1. Mary's Lullaby
2. What a Wonderful Child
3. Baby It's Cold Outside (with Jonathan Woodbrey)
4. Angelic Carol
5. Candlelight Carol