December 29, 2009

15 Years

Jeni and I celebrated our 15 year anniversary a few weeks ago and had an enjoyable night eating at the Roof restaurant next to the Salt Lake Temple where we were married. We also stayed at Little America, had a delicious breakfast at the Gourmandise bakery downtown, and finished off the day with some shopping at Tai-Pan Trading.

I am so grateful for Jeni and her patience with me over these many years. She is my best friend and the rock-solid foundation in our home. She is an amazing mother and wife and I am so thankful to still have her around given her ongoing health challenges. Though her talents are many, she never lets her pursuit of those overshadow her commitment and devotion to me and our family. Jeni defines poise and beauty and grace in every imaginable way.

I knew 15 years ago that I was marrying an amazing woman. Little did I know though just how amazing she was and is. Of the few decisions I've made right in my life, choosing to ask for Jeni's hand stands as one of the greatest. Happy Anniversary Jen. I love you.

We wish that at least one of the pictures of us together had turned out, but oh well. We'll have to settle for these individual ones from that night.