October 18, 2009

I Stand All Amazed

Soon after Jeni and I began dating just over 15 years ago, I learned that her favorite hymn was "I Stand All Amazed." Since I played the piano and Jeni sang, I put together a hymn arrangement for her and she came up with the vocal portion. I played it today in Sacrament meeting and though Jeni wasn't able to join me with her beautiful singing, it reminded me of how incredibly thankful I am for Heavenly Father's tender mercies in our lives. The Savior has been there for us in our darkest hours and we individually and as family "stand all amazed" at the love He has offered to us all these years.

Though Jeni and I have done several other hymn arrangements since then, there is something special about this one from our first days together and for the sweet inspiration that came as we worked on what has now become a favorite hymn for both of us. Below is me playing the arrangement at home.