October 08, 2009

Flat Feet

I hereby proclaim 2009 to be the "Year of Feet" for the Shearer household. Early this year Jeni broke her right foot in 4 places and required surgery and a cast for several months. If you missed that excitement, click here. If you missed the view of the pins and needles, click here. If you missed the amazing way she decorated the cast, click here. If you missed her top 10 reasons why her cast was a blessing in disguise, click here.

Well, it seems that we've now added a new member to our Family Foot Club as Maddy has been diagnosed with "Flat Feet." When I think of flat feet, I think of the picture below.

Maddy's feet don't look anything like this! The color is all wrong and her toes are much cuter. Excuse my ignorance but aren't all our feet flat? What kind of diagnosis is that? I don't know anyone with round feet or square feet or triangular feet. Do you? Of course our feet are flat! Evidently Maddy's feet don't have enough "arch" in them as you can clearly see from the above x-ray. I know, it just pops right out at you - anyone would notice that the first second they look at the x-ray! How could we have been so blind to not have noticed it all these years?!

That being said, because this podiatrist did such a great job with Jeni and because we trust him and because Maddy has been complaining of "flat feet" symptoms, we accepted the diagnosis and the prescription - custom made arch supports. The pictures below are of Maddy getting the molds made. Keep your fingers crossed that these work! Or for that matter, cross your toes as well!