September 16, 2009

Court of Honor

Last night I attended a Court of Honor for Joey's Boy Scout Troop. Joey was awarded 5 merit badges he had earned at scout camp; Archery, Rifle Shooting, Environmental Science, Basketry and Woodcarving. He is one merit badge and 2 weeks of time away from earning his Star award which should be awarded in November. Also at the Court of Honor, one of our neighbors, Ethan Morley, a 10 year old, was awarded the National Boy Scout Lifesaving award. Earlier this year his house caught on fire while his parents were gone and after exiting the house, he realized his 4 year old brother was still inside. He went back into the burning home, found the brother hiding in a closet and brought him out to safety. It was a well attended event and several news stations and papers were there to cover the award. Below are some pictures of the night.