July 08, 2009

Time Stood Still

I suppose every parent has one or more experiences as their children grow up where they feel, even for a brief moment, that they have arrived as a parent. A moment where time stands still and you look at your child as they've just done something or said something and you realize that you've done ok, that you're not such a bad parent after all. A moment where all the years of doubt and worry about what you've done as a parent fade away and you are left alone in the moment, just you and your child, wishing the experience and raw emotion of it all would last forever. Well, I had one of those experiences this week. Joey made crepes all by himself! And not just mixed the batter, but he actually learned (with some practice with a piece of bread) how to flip them in the pan. The proof is in the picture above. Ok, so I'm probably being a little overdramatic about the whole "time standing still" bit, but look at the height of the crepe! And Joey's grace, his concentration, his form. And the crepes were delicious! Today crepes, tomorow....?