July 10, 2009

Kitchen Aid

Jeni bought me a Kitchen Aid stand mixer several years ago for Christmas. I was just starting to play around with cooking and I honestly didn't really know what the mixer was or how it worked. Consequently, it sat on our kitchen counter for almost an entire year, unused. There was something about it that scared me. Friends encouraged me so finally the day came that I turned it on and I have used it non-stop every since. I love that machine! And little did I know how versatile it really is! For Father's Day this year, Jeni bought me two attachments for it - a Pasta roller and a Fettucini cutter. Simply whip some pasta together in the mixer (a little flour, water, egg, oil, etc.), knead it with the hook attachment and then cut it into small pieces. Attach the roller and then slide the pasta through.

Then, tighten the roller and slide it through again.

Lastly, attach the fettucini cutter and you're ready to eat (see the first picture). I hear there are some other great attachments too but I've not looked into them yet. If you know of any good ones, let me know! And if any Kitchen Aid marketing representatives are reading this, send my royalty check to my home address, please.