June 09, 2009

Home Sweet Home

What better way to celebrate our 300th blog entry than with a recap of our recent family vacation to Seattle. Unfortunately, Jeni wasn't able to join us so while I worked the first half of the week, the kids spent that time week with my parents and I joined up with them during the evenings and during the latter part of the week. I wish the trip could have lasted longer as it was especially hard to say goodbye to Cailean and her adorable family. Highlights of the trip included (in no particular order):

1. A gourmet cooking night where I made risotto, tarts and a torte, while my sister made an amazing fruit salsa as well as Zuchinni cakes
2. Spending time with my sister's family and my parents

3. Visiting Boehm's chocolates (post to come)
4. Visiting Pike Place and the Waterfront (post to come)
5. Dinner with our friends Jason and Kelly Wescott

6. Visiting Helen Klann

7. Eating dinner at Cheesecake Factory with Kelly Woodbrey from Utah (also in Seattle at the time)

8. Visiting the Seattle LDS Temple

9. Joey going to the Flight Museum with my Dad
10. Ice cream at Baskin Robbins at the Southcenter mall