May 19, 2009

Pizza Rolls

You may remember a post nearly a year ago about a family tradition where we go to a grocery store for dinner and are allowed to pick out anything we want as long as we can eat it all that same night. We did this with Joey a few nights ago and he picked out a giant bag of cheese pizza rolls, two fruit drinks and a pint of Ben & Jerry's ice cream. For some reason, healthy is not invited on these trips.

The pictures below are of Joey before he made his attempt at eating the 48 pizza rolls in his bag. For fun, I won't tell you how many he ate, nor will I show you the after pictures. In fact, let's play a game! Guess how many pizza rolls he ingested (I'm not sure how many he actually digested). Simply leave a comment with your guess (only one guess per person) and I'll post the answer at the end of the week. The person closest to the actual number wins from me a Walmart gift card, good for the amount of one bag of cheese pizza rolls!. Let's see how well you know Joey - good luck!