May 25, 2009


One of the food traditions I loved growing up was Sunday Crackers. My dad would ask us how many "Crackers" we each wanted and I think the most I ever got up to was about 30. These days I'm closer to 15. So what is a "Cracker?" The answer varies depending on your specific tastes but the foundation is literally a cracker like a Ritz or Water Biscuit (my favorite) topped with some mayo and a hardboiled egg. From there, you decide what else to add. We typically add a small slice of cheddar cheese, some tomato (I prefer Roma) and avocado and salt and pepper, although sometimes we also add small pickles, gherkins or capers. You can really just experiment until you find something you like. These are great as appetizers or as the main meal like we did last Sunday. Enjoy!

Crackers of choice
Hardboiled eggs (1 covers about 8 crackers, depending on size)
Toppings of choice
Salt and Pepper

1. Lay out your crackers on a large board or plate
2. Top with a light spread of mayonnaise

3. Top with a small section of hardboiled egg

4. Add other toppings of choice

5. Add salt and pepper to taste