April 07, 2009


I have a new favorite cooking show! "Chopped" on the Food Network combines the pace of Iron Chef with the creativity of Top Chef. In the show, 4 contestants start out with a basket in front of each of them containing 3-5 mystery ingredients. Their job is to each create an appetizer combining those ingredients and they only have 30 minutes to do it. They can use other items in the fridge or pantry but the basket items have to be the predominent ones. These are not ingredients you'd normally put together either. On one show they had Sea Bass, brie cheese and celery root. I find it fascinating to watch what the contestants come up with. After they present each of their dishes to the judges, the one with the worst dish is "Chopped." The remaining 3 move on to the entree round with a new basket of ingredients and the final 2 move on to dessert with again a new basket of ingredients.

Joey and I have had fun watching this and on Sunday night we were all craving something chocolaty but didn't really have anything to make so Joey and I decided to play "Chopped!" Our ingredients were chocolate graham crackers, bananas, chocolate chips. Here is what we came up with!

Joey: Glazed banana under chocolate ice cream, chocolate sauce and a graham cracker crust with vanilla wafers and strawberry syrup.

Ro: Caramelized bananas with chocolate sauce over a chocolate crust with strawberry jam syrup

Jeni and her mom were the judges and without hesitation, I was chopped. Good job Joey!