March 08, 2009

Draper Temple Open House

This week we were able to take Maddy and Joey to the Draper LDS Temple Open House. Before an LDS Temple is dedicated, it is open to the public (member and non-member alike) for a tour that takes visitors through every room in the Temple. This is the second time we've been able to take the kids to a such an Open House, the first being several years ago in San Antonio, Texas. Even before a Temple is dedicated, there is a wonderful feeling and Spirit there. Both Maddy and Joey felt it and it was a memorable experience for all of us. I think it is so great that that the Church opens up its Temples to the world in this way, showing that we have nothing to hide. The Temples and the work that goes on in them is not secret but sacred. All the world is invited to come and partake. Once a Temple is dedicated, all members of the Church of age who are meeting worthiness standards are able to attend and enjoy the blessings there.

Since this has turned into somewhat of a spiritual post, I'll just share that I have been a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints now for over 18 years. I count my membership in the Church one of the greatest blessings in my life and I am grateful for the lives of friends that helped me find the Church, especially the Klann family who played an instrumental role in my conversion. My sister also joined the Church many years ago and is happily married to a great guy and has four wonderful children. Having joined as a Freshman in college, I am grateful I joined early enough in my life to have been able to serve a two year mission to the Washington DC, Northern Virginia area, an experience that has deeply blessed my life to this day.

I love Jesus Christ with all my heart and am grateful for His life, His example, and His atoning sacrifice in my behalf. I am grateful for Joseph Smith who, under the Lord's direction, restored the Lord's Church to the Earth in these latter-days to prepare for the Savior's coming. I am thankful also to have a living Prophet today, Thomas S. Monson, who leads the Church, and for his counselors and other Apostles who stand by his side. And I am thankful for the Book of Mormon which, along with the Bible, testifies of Christ. I am grateful to have been married in the Temple, sealed for time and eternity to Jeni as well as our children. It is hard for me to put into words my feelings about my membership in the Church but this week, in the Temple, those feelings came to the surface again in a very real and very tangible way. Thank Heaven, literally, for Temples.