March 07, 2009

Dinner Party

Last night Jeni and I hosted a dinner party for our friends the Shockleys and Disbrows. I served up 7 courses and of all the meals we've done so far, I think this one came together the best, especially with a brand new dessert - chocolate and raspberry lava cakes. I'll be posting several of the recipes within the next week. Thanks Shockleys and Disbrows for a fun night - remember, "They're in the Ward!" Here was the menu:

1. Asiago cheese crisps, boursin, raspberries
2. Brie en croute, blackberry jam and toasted pecans
3. Wedge blue cheese salad with buttermilk, bacon, tomatoes and red onion
4. Homemade orange peel sorbet
5. Caramelized apple stuffed chicken breast with fontina cheese and dried bing cherries
6. Creamy risotto with tomatoes, asparagus and parmesan
7. Chocolate and raspberry lava cakes with vanilla ice cream