March 15, 2009

Cast On

Early Thursday morning, around 1:30am, I received a call from home in my hotel room in Denver where I was traveling on business. Late night calls from home like this are never a good sign. Joey was on the phone and I could hear Jeni groaning in a lot of pain in the background. "I think mom broke her foot. She slipped in your room and fell on it trying to catch herself." Thankfully cousin Kara and her husband had been staying with us and they took her into the emergency room. By 2:30am I was at the Denver airport and by 6:00am I was on a plane home. By 11:00am we were in the Podiatrist's office where x-rays were retaken and we were told that Jeni had broken 4 metatarcils. By 5:30am the next morning Jeni had 3 pins and screw inserted into her foot. On Tuesday the cast will be removed, infection will be checked for, and a permanent cast will be set and will remain for 6-8 weeks.

My poor wife. After all of her other health challenges and now this! It is amazing to be by her side through this though. She is the one making the nurses and Doctor's laugh and making sure they're doing alright. In a time where she is most uncomfortable and in extreme pain, she is most caring and kind. What an example.

As a side note, did you look carefully at the picture above? If you look closely at Jeni's left, non-injured, leg, you'll notice the word "No!" written in Sharpie by the Podiatrist. A few seconds before, he had written "Yes!" on the other leg, indicating to the medical staff which leg to numb up. I wasn't feeling too confident after watching this happen. Seriously, we're able to fly men to the moon, see through telescopes into distant galaxies, send messages around the world in the blink of an eye, dissect the smallest particles of matter and yet we still need a "No!" written in black Sharpie to make sure the medical staff puts the anasthetic in the right leg. Somebody help me out with this!