March 27, 2009

Book Club Dinner

Last night Jeni hosted her monthly book club get-together and I got to cook everyone seven yummy courses. Favorites were the cheese crisps, the sorbet and the wedge salad. Below is a picture of the group and the menu. Fun night!

Pictured (L-R), Top - Carin Halliday, Becky Swasey, Heather Reid, Amy Latimer, Jennifer Sitterud, Bottom - Jen, Rachelle Chiang, Kim Atkin, Jennifer Keeler, Not pictured - Stacie Lewis

1. Asiago cheese crisps, boursin, fresh raspberry
2. Brie en croute, blackberry jam, toasted pecans
3. Wedge salad, blue cheese, buttermilk, bacon, tomatoes, red onion
4. Homemade orange peel sorbet
5. Caramelized apple stuffed chicken breast, fontina, bing cherries
6. Risotto, parmesan, tomato, asparagus
7. Crème brulee, brown sugar, vanilla, chocolate lemon truffles