February 09, 2009


Just so you don't think that all I do is sit around indulging on fine french cuisine all day, I thought I'd share our latest culinary adventure - IHOP. Yes, the International House of Pancakes. I'm not quite sure about the "International" bit - everyone there looked American to me and there was certainly nothing "International" about the menu. But House of Pancakes? Oh yes. Plenty of those, especially with the "All you can eat" for $4.99 which interestingly is about a 1/4th of the price of just one pound of the Gouda cheese I referenced in the post from earlier today.

We were all home sick today with some sort of flu bug so at about 8pm we decided we were too tired to make anything to eat and suddenly pancakes sounded too good to pass up. Maddy and Joey each got the Funny face pancake - a giant chocolate pancake with a smiley face and eyes made out of whipped cream. Jeni got pancakes and eggs and hardly touched them and I made up for everyone's lack of appetite by eating 5 pancakes, 2 eggs over easy, 2 plates of hash browns and an Avocado, bacon and cheese omelet, all washed down by 2 glasses of orange juice and half of Joey's hot chocolate. I literally hadn't eaten anything all day and I was hungry. Too hungry. So here I am at 11:00pm thinking that IHOP should stand for "I have over partaken" or "I have overeaten pancakes" or "I have obstructed my pancreas" or "I'm having outhouse problems." Nothing like a great night at the IHOP.