February 03, 2009

hī' jēn'

Dictionary.com defines "hygiene" as "that department of sanitary science which treats the preservation of health, sp. of households and communities; a system of principles or rules designated for the promotion of health." If you look at the pronunciation guide for the word "hygiene" there is something uncanny about the resembelance to Jeni's name, almost as if she was named for this behavior she has become so particular about.

I say all of this with absolutely no disrespect to Jeni. We are grateful that she is as particular about hygiene as she is. In our family, Jen runs the hygiene department. And in no area is this more so than the dental department. She is the sanitary scientist of our household and the designer of rules designated for the promotion of our gum and enamel's health. Though our teeth brushing routines are pretty good, I had to laugh when I saw the giant toothbrush reminder waiting for us last night. Well done, Jeni!