February 22, 2009

Birthday Lunch

Yesterday afternoon I served a birthday lunch to several of Jeni's family members who had birthdays in January and February including Todd, Grandma Rae, Steve, Rebecca and Leann. I tried a few new recipes for this one and got to use my new silverware and dining sets that Jeni bought me for Valentines Day (see above). All in all the prep and cooking time took about 12 hours but it was a lot of fun. I made:

1. Asiago cheese crisps with boursin and fresh raspberries
2. Brie en croute with blackberry jam and toasted pecans
3. Salad nicoise with potatoes, asparagus, kalamata olives, egg and tomatoes
4. Broccoli soup with Maytag blue cheese and walnut oil
5. Orange peel sorbet
6. Stuffed pork loin roast, apples, onions, sage
7. Creamy Risotto, parmesan, tomato and asparagus
8. Vanilla and brown sugar crème brulee

Below is the actual menu which I rolled and placed on everyone's plate. I think it's now official - at this point in time I would say that this is my new hobby.