January 09, 2009

Oral Surgery

It must be in the genes. When Maddy was just 5, she underwent major oral surgery to remove several teeth and replace them with "silvers." For some reason the majority of her baby teeth were rotting out. Yes, she brushed her teeth and no, we weren't leaving her with juice or pop in her bottle at night. It just happened. There's something that tears at your heart when you're watching the anesthesioligist place a mask over your 5 year old's face to put her to sleep and the mask has a picture of Minnie Mouse on it. We learned several lessons about the importance of faith, hope and having sufficient dental insurance.

Today Joey went under the knife also, thankfully though for a more minor procedure. One of Joey's incisors was stuck in his gums and was struggling to break through. So, the oral surgeon sliced into the gums to expose the tooth and give it a path to come through. One of Joey's other teeth was coming in at an angle and if we didn't get this incisor out, the other tooth may have grown into it's root, dissolving it and causing the incisor to fall out. Can you say "implant?" Not something we want our 11 year old to have to deal with.

Being by Joey today brought back many of the emotions I had standing by Maddy's side those many years ago, feeling completely helpless, a little scared, and incredibly proud of my child knowing that I would be a nervous wreck if it was me in their place. I don't do well in these kinds of situations as I have a deathly fear of knives, blood, and surgeons starting before the anesthesia has kicked in (more on this another time).

Take one Doctor out of the picture above and you've got a snapshot of today's event. Joey's face was covered, he was draped in blankets and all I could see was his nose and mouth sticking out. Thankfully Joey did great, was very brave and even ended up at school before the day was over. Like son, unlike father.