January 26, 2009

Mirror, Mirror

I love seeing a mother's inspiration at work. There is something so comforting and motivating to me about it. Countless times in our marriage Jeni has followed her feelings, even when I or others or the world would have gone a different direction. And every time, without exception, blessings have come as a result. I am continually amazed by her gift which comes because of who she is and because she is a mother.

Several years ago, Monte J. Brough gave a devotional at BYU and described this "woman's intuition" much better than I can. He said:

"I have always considered myself a very logical, deductive person. When Sister Brough and I were first married, we were adjusting to each other’s decision-making method. I would go through the process of explaining a logical conclusion. She often would say, “But I just don’t feel that way.” “Feel?” I responded, “What does feel have to do with this?” I would then again explain the logic leading to the decision I favored. Now, years later, I have learned that if Sister Brough has a feeling about something, I have that same feeling. I believe that there really is a special women’s intuition—for which I have enormous confidence." (I Know What I Know, Monte J. Brough, BYU Devotional, May 18, 2004)

This morning as went into the kids' bathroom, I saw, written on the mirror in green pen, motivational messages that were personal and exactly what they needed to hear. The mirror was full of her inspired words and I found myself marveling at how in tune to the Spirit she is, always, and how grateful I am to stand by her side. In a world that beats down upon us and tells us we are never good enough, it is a wonderful blessing to have a righteous woman in the home, grounded and faithful, helping raise, nurture, guide and protect.