January 03, 2009

Fancy Pants Dinner

Tonight we started a new, New Years tradition with our first annual Fancy Pants dinner party. There were 12 of us total - Jeni and me, Bob and Carin, Steve and Kim, Kara and Todd, Spencer and Tiffany, and Kelly and Jeanice. I made an 8 course meal which lasted almost 3 hours, and one of the conditions of attendance was that everyone had to wear their fanciest pants. The invitation is above and the menu is below. Everything was made from scratch. No pictures this time though - I was too busy in the kitchen!

1. Brie en Croute
2. Buttermilk Blue Wedge Salad
3. Roasted Butternut Squash Soup with Pecan Butter
4. Tomato and Asparagus Risotto
5. Honey and Lavender Sorbet
6. New York Steak
7. Roasted Mushrooms with Garlic
8. Chocolate Truffle Torte with Raspberry Coulis