January 01, 2009

4th Annual Eggnogathon

The tradition continues! Last night we had our friends the Woodbreys, Steve and his friend Kim, Todd and Kara and Spencer and Tiffany over for New Year's Eve. Bob and Carin stopped by for a little bit too. It was a fun night with some games and food and next to the countdown to 2009, the highlight of the evening was our 4th annual Egnnogathon. I blogged last year about how Kelly and I squared off and called a truce after one quart each. This year, we changed the rules a little bit so that we could enjoy the food also. We decided to split the competition into two phases.

Phase 1 - The Eggnog Chug - Who could drink 2 cups of eggnog the fastest. Kelly cleaned up on that one, finishing before most of us were even halfway through. I came in a distant 3rd out of 5.

Phase 2 - The Eggnogathon - Who could continue to drink the most eggnog after the chug. I am happy to report I won this one, hands-down. In fact, I was the only one of the 3 that played this phase that did NOT throw up within the next 30 minutes, the 30 minutes after that, and then the 30 minutes after that. For the sake of keeping the dignity of those who DID throw up, I will not mention their names here. You know who you are. Thankfully we were all still able to enjoy the rest of the evening playing games and joking about it.

The "Nutrition Facts" count was high also. My winning total was 1900 calories, 90 fat grams, 600 mg of cholesterol and 220 carbs. Healthy? Not even close. A fun memory? Yes, and thankfully one that gets repeated only once a year. I figure if I don't eat anything today, all those nutrition counts will even themselves out.